Deb Schiefelbein & Larry Cronin show off new tack room.

The Verendrye Museum’s annual meeting for members and the election of Directors will be held on Wednesday, January 19, 2022, at the Moose Lodge, 910 N Deadwood Street from 5-7:30pm with a Social, Dinner, and Annual Meeting.

The Verendrye Museum is slated to open for the 2022 Season as the 70’ glass wall display case is being built and then the final touches on the main wood floor to preserve it for future traffic!   All the lighting, repairing, refinishing and painting all the old display cases; washing, repairing and preserving all the items is underway.  The display case items are being organized and reorganized which definitely takes time as the trailer was full of storage items which need to be worked on incorporated into the museum items.  The inventorying of over 4000 items will be the last step.  Everyone is anxious to visit as the Museum has been closed since September 2018.   A BIG Thank You to the City of Fort Pierre for the renovation of this 1932 WPA Project!

Museum and maintenance work has also continued at the Depot, Sansarc Country School, Stanley County 1905 Jail, and Log Cabin Visitor Center.

The 5th Annual Backyard Barbeque was held in August with a successful return and a record number of cooks and brisket dinners served.  The BBQ Competition has become our Signature Fundraiser at Fischers Lilly Park. Be sure to mark your calendars for the 6th Annual Backyard Barbeque Competition Saturday, August 13, 2022, for the opportunity to sponsor, compete, taste/sample brisket and share a meal with the community.   Beef and History—it goes together!

Verendrye Museum Board Members Deb Schiefelbein, Connie Carlisle, and Sandy & Larry Cronin in front of one of the new exhibits.

Thank you for your consideration in adding the Verendrye Museum’s BBQ Backyard Competition sponsorship and/or competition to your 2022 calendar and annual advertising budget.  We will be providing additional information in the future but feel free to contact Committee Members Connie Carlisle, Deb Schiefelbein, Sandy Cronin, Darby Nutter, and Brian Scott, or email us at

Please consider supporting the operations, maintenance, and educational History programs of the Verendrye Museum organization by completing the Application enclosed through a membership, cash donation, memorial, stock, land donation, or as a beneficiary in your life insurance/estate, or through the endowment fund with the SD Community Foundation 605-224-1025, 800-888-1842, or to make a gift online.

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Central South Dakota is well-known for its rich historical significance and the preservation of our relatives’ life and hard work in developing the land and communities we enjoy today.  It’s important we continue to preserve and enrich the history we are fortunate to be able to share with our children, grandchildren, and future generations.  Please join us in continuing the tradition of building the legacy of history started by past generations as it is the foundation for future generations.   Historical knowledge is crucial to protecting democracy and a foundation on which to build and know what it means to be a member of the civic community!